Univerza v Novi Gorici (UNG)

Is a private, research-oriented university, founded by two Slovenian research institutes (the Jožef Stefan Institute and the Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts) and two Slovenian municipalities. UNG researchers and members of teaching staff are internationally recognised scientists participating in international research projects (total number of employees at UNG in 2015 was 146, in addition more than 200 associate professors from foreign or other Slovenian universities). UNG has fully equipped biotechnology laboratory facilities and is also part of DairyCare, a EU-funded COST Action FA1308 in dairy animal health and welfare. Tanja Peric (Asst. Prof. Dr.): PhD completed on the evaluation of the HPA axis activity at the University of Bologna (Italy). Dr. Peric main topic is the evaluation of the HPA axis activity in farm and wild animals through the evaluation of cortisol and DHEA in a very interesting biological matrix as hair. On the other hand, she carries out also RIA and ELISA analysis on different hormones that are important in the animal reproduction. Since 2015, Dr. Peric is a Researcher in Morphology, Physiology and Animal Reproduction and Animal Biotechnology (Laboratorij za vede o okolju in življenju/Laboratory for Environmental and Life Sciences, Univerza v Novi Gorici/University of Nova Gorica). At the same time, she continues her research collaboration in the field of Animal Physiology with the Department of Agricultural, Food, Environmental and Animal Sciences of the University of Udine. Since 2009 Dr. Peric is authorized to work in the laboratory of radioisotopes and since 2014 to direct and design laboratory animals procedures.