Is an official research center which belongs to the regional government in Asturias (northwest of Spain). It promotes research and technological development to upgrade and improve the productivity of the agri-food sector. Two Areas (Animal production and Nutrition, Pastures & Forages) carry on research to look for sustainable strategies for the livestock sector. The national and international projects occur in experimental farms or other study sites with different socio-economic and environmental scenarios: from coastal meadows with forests to more marginal and mountainous permanent pastures. The research lines include the multiple factors which can affect to the sustainability of livestock production like animal health and welfare, conservation of biodiversity, social and economic impact, etc. Dr. Koldo Osoro Otaduy is an internationally known veterinarian scientist with long experience in sustainable livestock production (including small ruminants) in marginal areas dominated by scrublands or partially improved. He has also carried out research in improved pastures included in silvopastoral systems. Dr. Osoro is the Director of the Area of Animal Production Systems of the SERIDA and he has been the Key Leader of the EIP-AGRI Focus Group focused on permanent grasslands.
Dr. Rocío Rosa García is a biologist with experience in studies which tested the impact of livestock grazing on biodiversity. She has evaluated the environmental impact of different strategies with small ruminants either grazing alone or with other livestock species in different types of pastures.